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Reasons for Listing Your Boats in Boatsville

Boatsville is easy to use.

Most other sites confuse buyers by trying to sell a litany of other information which makes searching for boats both confusing and difficult. Boatsville keeps it simple.
"Just wanted to say how pleased I am I found your site. I tried boattrader first. Their prices are high, their site is difficult to work with, & I got no results. Then I found your site. Your prices are fair, the site is easy to work with & I have had numerous inquiries about my boat. I have a check in my pocket now from the sale. Thanks a million. I will recommend you to all my boating friends.& -Ron B.
Your boats get seen on The Boatsville Network

The Boatsville Network is a collection of over 40 Boating related websites that present new and used boat classified ads to quality boat buyers. This network of sites not only goes deep (with over 40,000 new and used boats) but wide across many various internet sites that reach boat buyers using a variety of methods and styles.

When you list a boat on Boatsville it automatically gets listed on our Network of Boating, Fishing and Outdoors sites across North America! Because of our unique and patented technology each boat listed on Boatsville gets listed independently on over 40 sites. This allows search engines to find your listing on each network partnered site as if it were listed independently 40 times. As a result, your listing will come up with Boatsville and The Boatsville Network 15-20 times more often in searches than the next nearest competitor site.

The Boatsville Network reaches buyers where they live, work, and play on the internet, not just on boat listing sites. A wider net catches more fish... A wider network catches more search engine results!
"Your network rocks! I just sold my boat to a guy that said he saw it on Great Lakes Scuttlebutt. I didn't even know that they were partnered with you guys. Then I went to the site and saw the boatsville network logo. Cool Stuff!" -David Brooks.
Boatsville never excludes that perfect match!

At Boatsville we don't restrict searches to state borders. Brokers who list boats on other sites miss opportunities to sell boats to people in other nearby states. This is because the sites only allow searching by state or area code.

Buyers looking for a boat on Boatsville enter their zip code. Every boat matching the search is ranked from closest to their home to farthest away.
Because we do not stop at state lines, the prospect may find a boat two states away that perfectly matches their search. With other sites, they miss your boat all together. Not on Boatsville! This means you'll get more boats viewed by more visitors.
"Yesterday, I sold my 1986 Bayliner 2550 Ciera. They will pick it up next week and drive it to Erie Pa by water. Thank you for helping me sell the boat and please cancel the ad at this time. Thank you," -Ronald E. J.
We make Editing & Updating your inventory Easy!

When you upload a boat to the Boatsville Network it is instantly uploaded to all the sites in the entire network. If you need to edit a boat for any reason, edit it once and that edit is updated throughout the network as well. So whether you are changing a price or adding a special, there is no need to do the work over and over again.
"Thanks for making my job easier. Since we switched to your site our time to process boats has been cut in half." -Bob, Anglers Edge Marine
Free boat uploads for qualified Brokers/Dealers!

Boatsville offers something no other site does! If you qualify, (you probably do) we will upload your boat inventory for FREE! And we offer very low cost services to keep all your boats up to date and consistent with other classified sites even if they are not in the Boatsville Network.
"Thank you for your great customer service. It is nice to know there are REAL people there to handle my uploads." -Judy Fisher, Fisher Yacht Sales
We specialize in Search Engine Effectiveness

Boatsville Network Partners are top ranked in the most popular search engines for terms boaters use most often to find boats. Research shows that people all search very differently from one another. They use a variety of search terms and methods. Being strong in just one term or one search engine is just not good enough.

The Boatsville Network is strong because it's Network partners are as diverse as the people who visit them. This means that the search engines will lead buyers to your boats no matter how the buyer searches.
"Thanks for all your help. In the mere 2 weeks we got the boat on line, I had 36 hits. What a great website you have, I will refer it to my friends/others who have boats, looking to sell or buy!" -Cheryl in Denver CO
Your boats get rotated on our front page

Every time you list a boat it gets displayed on the front page of Boatsville. Many visitors who may not be looking for a specific make or model will click on boats that LOOK interesting to them. Many other sites charge extra for this position and limit it to only 3 or 4 boats. Boatsville shows more boats on our home page than any other boat listing site on the internet.
"Thank you for helping me find my new boat. I saw it on your website and I called the guy and we worked out an even better deal than I thought I would get." Doug. B.
Save 25% on our Annual Rates!

We are so confident that you will love Boatsville that we are offering you 25% off our annual rate plan just for giving us a try. See for yourself how simple and easy Boatsville is for moving your New and Used boats!
"I just wanted to thank you for the super support on my boat sale. I spent a lot of money paying for local advertisements, put ads up in the post office, etc. And yet, the most effective advertising I had going for me was through the website! I've had twice as many inquiries through your site than any other and, thanks to my Boatsville ad, just sold my 1995 Sea Ray 175BR for exactly what I listed it for. Today was a good day!" -Ellis S., Yorktown, VA


So how do I get started?

Simply click here now. Once you set up your basic business account you will be able to quickly manage each boat listing. Special features contained in the Boatsville Dealer Tool Box include:

  • The ability to mange your contact information including;
    • Multiple sales personnel contacts
    • Multiple e-mail accounts
    • Multiple phone numbers
  • Each boat listing can be quickly set up in as little as two minutes with drop downs for assigning different sales contacts for each boat.
  • Each boat listed can be checked for the number of times it is viewed and number of times a prospect has e-mailed the broker/dealer. You will be able to modify the price or information on slow moving inventory.
  • Boat listings can be marked sold with the click of a button to prevent unwanted calls or e-mails.
  • Boat information and pricing can be quickly modified.

Once you set up your account a Boatsville sale representative will contact you to verify and activate the account. After 60 days you will be contacted again to make arrangements for continuing the service.

How much will this cost our Brokerage or Dealership?

Boatsville has very competitive rates based on the volume of boats you intend to move. Our rates are as follows:

# of boats displayed Month to Month Rate Yearly Rate
1-10 boats $49.95 $295
11-24 boats $59.95 $395
25-50 boats $69.95 $495
50-100 boats $79.95 $595
100+ boats Call for quote Call for quote

We are sure you will find Boatsville a refreshing and innovative experience.

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