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New and Used Fishing Boats over 25 ft. - Fishing boats over 25ft are typically used for fishing larger waters or offshore ocean fishing. Most fishing boats between 20-26ft are trailerable with most SUV's. Larger Sportfishing boats typically come with a flying bridge to increase the captains view. Walkarounds are popular with fisherman wh…  more

New and Used Fishing Boats up to 25 ft. - Over 30% all boaters use their boat for fishing. Fishing boats under 25ft typically are made of Aluminum or Fiberglass. These boats are used for fresh water fishing or saltwater flats. These boats can have a low draft designed to allow easy access to the fish in shallow areas. These include bass …  more

New and Used Mega Yachts over 75 ft. - Megayachts are Yachts over 70ft in length. Megayachts are designed for transporting 20 or more passagers great distances. They are designed to live aboard year round, typically traveling between the Carribean, Europe and New England depending on the season. MegaYachts have hired crews of between 8…  more

New and Used Pontoon Boats - Even though a pontoon is a powerboat, we classify them separately. Pontoons are very popular with boating on inland lakes, streams and reservoirs. Pontoons range from very modest to over the top. Most pontoons come with one engine, typically and outboard which range from 25hp to well over 250hp. …  more

New and Used Power Boats over 25 ft - Powerboats over 25ft are typically designed for extended use. Most Powerboats over 25ft come with twin engines, either gasoline or deisel. These boats come with the comforts of home and include many ammenities including, air conditioning, navigation equipment, television and refrigeration. These b…  more

New and Used Power Boats under 25 ft - Over 70% of boaters own a powerboat under 25ft. These popular boats range from specific watersport boats like wakeboarding and waterskiing to recreational and overnight versions. Day use powerboats are designed with functionality and large space for entertaining. These include runabouts which allo…  more

New and Used Sailboats - Sailboats range from very small including sunfish, Hobiecats and daysailers to larger sailboats which can be broken down into three classifications: Monohulls, Catamarans and Trimarans. Monohulls typically have a fixed keel which provide stability. Monohulls can range from small daysailers to large…  more

New and Used Yachts 35 ft. to 75 ft. - Larger powerboats are often referred to as Yachts. This is because the yacht is often 6 figures and appeals to an opulent lifestyle. Yachts over 35ft offer many options not afforded on smaller boats. These Yachts come with much large capacity fuel tanks allowing them to cruise over 1000 miles with…  more

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