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Even though a pontoon is a powerboat, we classify them separately. Pontoons are very popular with boating on inland lakes, streams and reservoirs. Pontoons range from very modest to over the top. Most pontoons come with one engine, typically and outboard which range from 25hp to well over 250hp. Some upscale pontoons come with inboard but this is rare. Pontoon boats are ideal for large gatherings and cruising around the lake a low speeds. They are popular with families who have young children since they have gates or side rails similar to playpens. Some pontoons offer great fishing designs with fishing chairs, trolling motors and live wells. Others have the power to tow multiple skiers, wakeboarder or those who prefer tubing. Deckboats have become popular due to the fact that they plane much faster than a pontoon which has two pontoons versus the hull design on a deckboat. There are over 40 manufacturers of pontoon boats. Listed below are the top manufacturers.

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