Fraud Prevention Tips

Boatsville cares about our users' internet safety.
Please consider the information provided below before making any transactions.

Some Important Tips To Protect Yourself From Being Scammed

  • If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Always check out the persons or companies FIRST before you conduct any transactions with them.
  • If they give you an email address, test it. Make sure they reply back to you.
  • Be cautious of anyone that uses a free email service that does not require a credit card at account creation.
  • Get good contact information for the individual or company you want to do business with and test it.
  • Be cautious if they refuse or delay getting you this information.
  • If dealing with a company, check with the Better Business Bureau from their area.
  • Always try to get the sellers physical address and be wary of sellers that only use a P.O. box.
  • Be cautious if the boat is in a different state than the seller.
  • Only supply your credit card information or other personal information on secure internet sites.
  • Try to get the seller's drivers license number or other traceable information.
  • A great way for both buyers and sellers to protect themselves is to use a LEGITIMATE 3rd party escrow or payment service. Boatsville recommends because it is a well-established, fully licensed service. If you use another service, be sure it is a reputable one.

If You're Selling Your Boat

Here's a common scam that you should be aware of. It goes like this:

  • The buyer wants to buy your boat (usually for a client, and he may use broken English).
  • He will send you a certified check or money order for (usually thousands of dollars) more than the boat is worth.
  • He asks you to give the excess cash to the shipper, who will take his fees and ship the boat.

How do you lose? First of all, certified checks are NOT guaranteed. A counterfeit cashier's check may not be discovered for up to two weeks later. Your bank, however, will honor the check and give you cash on it. When the forgery is discovered, you will be held responsible whatever money was drawn on bogus check.

So, not only do you lose the money, but you have also shipped your boat to a foreign country, and it is very doubtful that you'll either be able to prosecute the con artist or ever recover your boat.

Please refer to the tips above before making any transaction.

If you suspect an offer for your boat may be fraudulent, please report it to us so that we can investigate and/or report it to the proper authorities.

If You're Buying A Boat

Please be aware of the following scenario:

  • A seller offers a boat that is a fraction of its true value.
  • The seller's boat is listed as being in one place, but tells you it's somewhere else (usually Europe or Africa).
  • The seller wants you to send money for the boat and he will ship it to you.

How do you lose? Simple. You send the money, the con artist disappears. Your back pocket is now much lighter than it once was...

If you suspect that any advertiser is making a fraudulent offer, please let us know. We will investigate and report any advertisement that we suspect of being fraudulent to the proper authorities.


Boatsville cares about our visitors and our customers' safety and is actively doing everything in our power to prevent fraudulent activity on our site. Since the transactions are between the buying and selling party, with no intermediaries, we cannot be held liable for any fraudulent act perpetrated through this site. Please report any suspicious activity so we can investigate and ensure that Boatsville remain a safe place to buy and sell boats.

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